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How is Reiki practiced?


Reiki therapy will take about one hour, it may be given with the receiver either lying, or sitting, fully clothed, or wearing light garments.

Some Reiki practitioners do not touch the person, preferring to work within the local aura of that person.

The Practitioner, whilst standing either behind or at the head of the recipient will, as a form of introduction and acceptance, place their hands gently on the recipient’s shoulders before moving to the head to commence the Reiki treatment.

The time for which the hands remain there, or in any other place, depends upon several factors. The main consideration being the person’s response, and how the practitioner ‘feels’ that response.

After a while the practitioner will move on, gently placing their hands in a definite sequence down the body to finish up at the feet. The recipient may be asked to turn over to allow the Reiki moves to be carried out over the back of the body.

If there are sensitive areas to be addressed the practitioner will place their hands, after having been given permission, a short distance away from the body during the pass over that part of the body.

Some experiences using Reiki

Chemotherapy and Reiki.

I was asked in March 2002 if I could give any help to a gentleman suffering from cancer and currently undergoing chemotherapy.

I visited him at home and found him open to receiving Reiki.

I duly treated him whilst he was sitting relaxed in an armchair and after talking to him I went on my way.

The next day I felt very tired and low, which went on for about three days. My condition wavered from being tired to starting to get a slight loss of balance. This continued for several weeks, and having Reiki from a friend considerably helped but I needed treating at least once a week. Various checks showed that I had no problems and I was diagnosed as having picked up a virus. There being several instances of these cases in the Midlands and Worcestershire, the condition being intermittent over a five week period with extreme tiredness, culminating in sickness and diarrhoea. However in recently speaking to another Reiki practitioner she unprompted volunteered that she had had a ‘bad time’ after treating a patient having chemotherapy.

Also by chance, I was told by an ex-Bowen patient who knew that I had been under the weather, that her mother had cancer and been treated with chemotherapy, and her father and her mother’s eyesight rapidly deteriorated. This she had put down to their closeness and the chemotherapy.

I have spoken to a Reiki ‘Master’ who has not come across this before.

The lessons?

In someone else’s environment it is difficult to protect yourself and to ‘cleanse’ the area, and if are you particularly susceptibility to a patients’ condition then your own well-being needs to be considered.

Throat Ulcer.

A lady, (a fellow Reiki practitioner), suffering from an ulcer at the back of the throat, slightly below the level of the tongue, (requiring a spatula to depress the tongue in order to examine it), asked me to treat her. The ulcer was very reddened and had yellow tinges around the perimeter, being about 11/2 cms across.

The normal Reiki approach of the hands cupped over the throat caused both of us to choke.

I had to abandon that approach and intuitively I treated her using the tips of my fingers. I started with my hands flat on her upper chest and then, with my fingertips spaced around her throat worked slowly upwards. I finished up with the fingertips around her parted lips, maintained the hold for as long as I could before the built-up energy was too much for me and I had to release. (A technique that I developed many years ago, pre-Reiki attunement.)

She remarked that the treatment ‘felt right’. The ulcer improved within the week and finished as a slight swelling before finally clearing.

The empowerment of Reiki.

I had been treating the lady (in remission from cancer of the bowel), with Bowen Therapy, for lower backache, sore area adjacent to her left breast and a pain in the arm where the chemotherapy line had been inserted. The treatment was successful,(She remarked that Bowen Therapy had been the only thing that had eased the conditions), and we moved onto Reiki therapy as a ‘top up’. She found benefit from Reiki and decided to take it up herself, now being at Level II and looking forward to taking her Level III.

Taking up Reiki changed her outlook, making her more positive about herself and getting benefit from treating others, having some interesting experiences along the way. We now do a ‘Reiki share’ with each other on a regular basis. I get considerable benefit from this arrangement by being given something back after all the treatments I have been giving to others. The more physical benefits have been relief from groin and lower back pain a nagging Baker’s Cyst behind one knee and other minor conditions. The other positive aspect is that she self-treats herself with good results.

‘Shadow’ on the Liver.

Lady in remission from cancer of the bowel had been told that though there was no sign of cancer a scan had previously shown that there was a ‘shadow’ in the area of the liver.

She asked me if I would treat the area with Reiki. I asked for guidance on the matter, the ‘answer’ being to treat in a different manner. There were two departures from the norm, firstly to make direct skin contact, and secondly to work with the tips of my fingers. I gave her the treatment and she remarked on the deep pinpoint of heat that she had felt.

The consultant on her next scan referred to the shadow area and duly looked for it. Interestingly he said that it was no longer there.

Now, a word of warning, the shadow could have cleared on its own accord, or perhaps the Reiki may have helped, or she may have been positive that it would help. Who knows, the thing is one swallow a summer does not make? In this day and age of evidence based medicine, one treatment of this nature would not on its own, by any stretch of the imagination, be cause to recommend Reiki as helping people with cancer.

The journey continues.

Roy Wilson.

Corner for Reiki Therapy from Time to Heal, a group of Reiki Thearpists

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Corner for Reiki Therapy from Time to Heal, a group of Reiki Thearpists
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